We at People Motivated live our lives to change the lives of others! Allow us to introduce to you how we came about. People Motivated is a brand that was created with one goal in mind, to help change lives with a collection of fashionable and empowering clothing. We're different and unique, and we will be adding to the collection in the near future! We were inspired to design T-shirts that people can glance at and be inspired by. These quotes are phrases that inspire us to continue fighting on throughout our journeys, they that came to us through our struggles and assisted us in overcoming them. We want to share the blessing, no matter what you’re going through, even if you're discouraged- that you know your self-worth.  "I’m not built to break", "I’m a warrior", "Nothing can keep me down",  "Be a rose among thorns" and a collection of others on our platform.  Our motto is,  "Aiming to inspire as many people as possible!".  Those who have encouraged us to reach new heights, we believe, will encourage you. People Motivated is your online shopping center to build your wardrobe and have positive, uplifting designs for every season; you are sure to be inspired and admired with  People Motivated!